How We Help


We came to know Brayden through his uncle and former SOS trainer, Kirk McElroy. Brayden was 5 years old In January of 2014 when he was diagnosed with a malignant tumor in his kidneys.  As any loving uncle would, Kirk...

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Chase Life

We first met the Gage family in 2013 when their mom, Laura started working out with us at our very first studio on Delashmut Ave.  It wasn't long after that Laura introduced her two beautiful and dynamic, rock star kids, Selby and Chase, both...

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Libby Strong

Born and raised in Upper Arlington, Erin was one of SOS’s early rockstar members.  A friend and classmate of SOS co-owner, Gretchen Dusseau, Erin joined us back in 2013 when SOS was still in the glorified storage unit on Delashmut Ave....

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