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Why do you believe that Keep Moving is the right fit for your circumstances, and what ideas do you have for the best way to utilize Keep Moving?

Keep Moving Financial Need Supplement

In order to adhere to IRS guidelines for charitable giving to individuals, detailed financial information must be collected with respect to the Beneficiary and the other family members representing the entire household.

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Information for Applicants

Unless the reviewing body of Keep Moving makes a finding that exceptional circumstances exist as set forth in the application, an application must be rejected if the application provides that the Beneficiary's monthly income exceeds the Beneficiary's monthly expenses by more than a reasonable allowance per individual permanently residing in the Beneficiary's household (including the Beneficiary) as may be affixed by the Board of Directors from time to time. For purposes of this determination, each Beneficiary shall be entitled to expenses in an amount up to the Internal Revenue Service Collection Financial Standards applicable to the Beneficiary as a matter of fact. In the event that any expense in the application is in excess of the Internal Revenue Service Collection Financial Standards, Keep Moving may rely on any information submitted with the application to confirm such excess. In the event that such information is not submitted with the application, the application will be considered incomplete and managed in accordance with the provisions above.

The Applicant will receive notification of the status of the application once a decision is made by Keep Moving. If grant is to be made on account of the application, the Applicant will also receive an instruction request form, pursuant to which Keep Moving will request information as to how the funds, services, or goods are to be delivered to the Beneficiary. If no information is received within 90 days, the grant will be cancelled and no delivery of funds, services, or goods will be made.