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Chase Life

By Courtney Ruppert

Chase Life

We first met the Gage family in 2013 when their mom, Laura started working out with us at our very first studio on Delashmut Ave.  It wasn't long after that Laura introduced her two beautiful and dynamic, rock star kids, Selby and Chase, both to the studio and to our hearts.  On special occasions we would be treated with the presence of their dad Quint, whom they would drag along (only by promise of a post torture Egg McMuffin treat.) The Gage family quickly became one of our favorites. They all carried such a vibrant energy and gratitude with them.  They had smiles that lit you up and an awareness and presence of each moment. They made us stronger just by being themselves and allowing us to share in their day.

On May 14th, 2015 we learned that Chase had suddenly passed away at just 19 years old. We couldn't comprehend the pain. We could not understand how such a brilliant and enthusiastic soul was lifted so quickly from us.  All we could do was figure out a way to wrap this beautiful family as tightly as we could with a system of strength, in hopes that they knew we were with them as they tried to move forward one step at a time.

Enter Keep Moving.

Chase was an unbelievable runner and a member of the Wittenberg Cross Country team. In June of 2015, a 5 mile race was coordinated by Chase’s friends in his honor.  In addition to providing volunteers for the event, Keep Moving was able to step in and produce graphic tees that were sold online via pre-sale before the event, as well as day of the event. 100% of all profits were donated directly to Chase's scholarship fund set up on behalf of him at Wittenberg.

The Chase Life t-shirt struck a cord with everyone in the SOS community and they continue to be a best seller, due in large part to the profound message, encouraging people to "Chase Life".  Any revenue from the Chase Life brand will continue to be donated to the Chase Gage Scholarship fund as well as Keep Moving.

Chase Life is a cause is very near and dear to our hearts, and we will continue to support the Gage family and Chase Life in any way that we can.  

In the words of Selby's finance, Oliver Rouch, "We will remember Chase for being the sunlight on our cloudy days and our music in a quiet space. No one will ever replace you Chase, but we owe it to the world to be a whole lot like you. To chase our passions, to chase our joy, quite simply, to chase life".