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Libby Strong

By Courtney Ruppert

Libby Strong

Born and raised in Upper Arlington, Erin was one of SOS’s early rockstar members.  A friend and classmate of SOS co-owner, Gretchen Dusseau, Erin joined us back in 2013 when SOS was still in the glorified storage unit on Delashmut Ave.  We could always count on Erin for giving it 110% during each and every class.

In September of 2015, Erin's youngest daughter Libby, merely a year and a half old, was diagnosed with brain cancer, and that's when her fight began.

Enter Keep Moving.

KM put together a few options for SOS members and non-members to help raise money for Libby's medical bills.  There was a straight donation option, as well as a libbystrong class pass that people could purchase.

Thanks to the huge hearts and tremendous generosity of the SOS community we raised $4,000 on behalf of Libby.  

Currently, Libby is at St. Jude and is starting cycle 5 of chemo as we speak.  We all carry Libby, Erin and their entire family in our hearts every single day as she fights her little beautiful warrior heart out against this disease.
Fight Libby, fight!