KM Class for a Cause

By Courtney Ruppert

KM Class for a Cause

8:15 AM – 9:45 AM, Grandview

This is a 90 minute donation based surprise mashup of SOS classes to benefit KM.  

The June 12th sweat session is dedicated to the fund that has been set up in memory of Hazel Grace Nordquist.

Hazel was the precious niece of our badass SOS member, Michaela B.  She blessed us with her presence on March 22, 2016, born to loving parents Adam and Tessa Nordquist and big sister Stella.  Hazel was prenatally diagnosed and born with Full Trisomy 13.  Hazel passed away On April 5, 2016.

Hazel's story has touched many people.  It is a story of unconditional love by parents who refused to give up or see Hazel as anything less than imperfectly perfect.  May we all be blessed with that kind of love in our lifetime.
Hazel's parents are now left to deal with the death of their child, while attempting to return to a sense of normalcy for themselves and for and daughter Stella. 

On June 12th we will sweat for 90 minutes in memory of Hazel and 100% of the KM funds raised on that day will go directly to Hazel's family. 

Rest in Paradise sweet Hazel Grace Nordquist.

To find out more about Trisomy 13, please visit SOFT (Support Organization for Trisomy) at