Who We Are

Our Mission

Keep Moving was born out of a desire to provide a system of strength for people in our communities who need assistance navigating life's peaks and valleys.  Our mission is to provide support for people in the most creative and appropriate way that we can.  We have listed a few examples of how KM can help below, but these are by no means the only examples.

Life's peaks and examples of how can we give you the strength to help others: 

You envision starting a program to build self-esteem for young girls in the inner city Columbus, but need financial assistance to get the program off the ground.

You are starting a grass-roots campaign to fight childhood obesity by implementing an after-school exercise program for children and need help with marketing, training, etc.

You or someone you know is trying to start something positive in your community and you need manpower, guidance, and/or funds to get it off the ground.

Life's valleys and examples of how can we can help you move forward:

Someone loses a spouse/partner unexpectedly and is left to raise their young children alone. We can help facilitate community support for the widowed family and ensure they are self-sufficient in their time of need.

A young child is facing their toughest trial yet – a terminal illness. We can help raise awareness and assist with the community in supporting the family to help with mounting medical costs.

Someone loses their life too soon in an unforeseen accident. The community rallies to start a scholarship fund, and we can help with resources.

A new research foundation is started in someone's name. We can potentially match funds to others who donates to the charity.

*KM has an 11 member board responsible for reviewing and choosing applications and will choose candidates as fairly and responsibly as possible.


How We Help


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